My name is Luca.

I studied Organization and Human Resources at University of Milan for my Bachelor  degree (2006-2009). In December 2009 I started a master track in Cognitive Science and Decision Making at University of Milan that I completed in December 2011. In 2010 I was selected to join a Double Degree program between my university and Maastricht University. So, I attended the master track in Work and Organizational Psychology (Sep 2010-Aug 2011). In August 2013 I attended two courses at Harvard University in Strategy Management and Leadership and Decision Making


I  worked for more than one year (October 2008-November 2009) as HR manager for an italian caregiver company. I started with an internship (May 2008- October 2008) and later on as responsible of more than 200 employees. Later I started working as Recruiting and Employer Branding Specialist for a multinational company then as Sr Recruitment / HR Coordinator; now I work as recruiter

I love people and most of the times they love me. It seems an arrogant sentence, but in my opinion it is not. I’m ready to do everything for the people who I love. It is also true with respect of my passions and duties; in fact  I work hard to achieve my goals; I don’t give up till I have achieved it.Most of the times people are more enthusiastic than me about my achievements.

My quote? Only when people appreciate you more than how you appreciate yourself, it means that you are doing something special.


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