The data scientist self-promotion is like the hacker case.

The recruiting world is influenced by trends, temporary or long-term ones. This post is not related to any employer branding or talent acquisition strategy. It is about a job title: the Data Scientist. Oh yes, we will talk about a job title, not a job profile. Why are we not talking about the job profile? The Data scientists have different expertise, skills and focus considering the organisations they work for. Another variable to be taken into account is the tech stack.  So, defining or discussing the job profile is extremely complicated.


During the last two/three years, we’ve observed a surge of the need for data experts; it is especially true if we consider the Data Scientists. The issue rises with respect to the research of this profile. Many professional define themselves as data scientists. It happens very often. If a professional manages data, the Data Scientist job title is listed on LinkedIn. However, a Data Manager is not a Data Scientist. 

Do you remember when many software developers were used to defining themselves hackers? We are in the same situation…. Data rhymes with Scientist as it happened with Software and Hacker.


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