The reason why we still use job boards!

Technology development leads us to think that products or services that we are currently using are completely brand new. In other words, we think that we are using products and services that are a complete revolution in comparison to what we were using years ago. It is definitely true that technology has innovated many things (i.e. SMS vs WhatsApp); but if you think twice about it, the technology has improved services more than revolutionize that.  In other words, it is not change the “what” but only the “how”.

Additionally, it is very important to underline that the only technologies that have been completely adopted are the ones that were already present (but in a different form) in our way of doing things.  Let me give you just a few examples:

– Tablets are the PC evolution

– WhatsApp is the SMS evolution

– Netflix is the old VCR

Let’s say, the biggest technological innovation has been Internet; obviously, I am not considering the science research side.

Diapositiva1There is a similar idea (or misconception) in my world: recruiting.  As said in various posts, Linkedin has brought manychanges (  But, more than something different on the “what”, Linkedin has changed the relation between companies and candidates, so the “how”. For example, the resume is still the way through candidates apply for a job; Linkedin has (for the moment) only facilitated the visibility and reduced distance between companies and candidates.  For this reason, also the job boards remain very strong as system of application. Why? because they are a common and recognized way for looking for jobs and for this reason companies still use that.  Various sites have disappeared or lost market share because they failed to catch up on innovation; Linkedin has clearly made its job board very useful and easy, but it is not THE Job Board (look for example at Glassdoor and Indeed). When there will be a “routine” shift, job boards might disappear…. but it is not the case, yet.



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