Recruiters do not get back to you? Maybe you made one of these mistakes!

We usually contact recruiters to get answers regarding a specific job posting or simply to get information about a company. In terms of connection, one of the most used way is Linkedin which decreases the distance between the companies and prospects/applicants (not necessarily the so-called prospects, but also the community that “gravitates” around a company)

As for all the times in which it is involved communication, having the right approach remains fundamental to have an effective conversation or for having the chance of having one. For this reason, you can find below 5 mistakes that you should avoid.


1) Asking to a recruiter if there are open positions similar to your profile. The question is of course legitimate; the issue here is that companies usually hire not considering only the technical skills but the soft skills and the desire to want to be part of the organization (let’s call it even motivation). Asking a generic question does not show any of the two; for this reason, before contacting a recruiter, collect info about the type of positions that the company is currently recruiting for and do a quick research on the business itself –for example, mistaken the industry of a company, it is not a good first move.

2) Sending an email attaching your CV and calling it “my CV or my CV 2015“. Regarding this, you have to think about the fact that every recruiter receives a very large number of contacts per day in addition, of course, to the CVs that are received through applicant system. When a recruiter saves your CV on the desktop or sends it to a Hiring Manager, your resume might just end in the anonymity – Why? Imagine if all the candidates were going to create a CV called “my CV.”

3) Introducing yourself (leave aside the subject of cover letter link) mentioning that you have a friend who works for the company . Employees’ referrals are always very welcomed, for the team fit and for the fact, as company, one of your employee is proud of working for you.  But, before writing “I am a friend of … therefore I think I’m a good candidate”, try to customize and intrigue the recruiter speaking about you, not someone else. A few times, this is a very personal opinion, the ostentation of this kind of friendship-connection , it is very irritating behavior. Being a friend of a current employee  does not increase or decrease your chances of having a role or having a preferred treatment.

4) Using a template to contact various companies and forget to change the company name  When a person is looking for a new opportunity, it is normal that goes to contact several companies to have a better chance of being able to change job; it would be odd to think that a candidate when applies to your company, has sent his CV only to you – there are few cases, but not the majority. But, when you forget to update the company name in your description or presentation … well, there’s nothing else to say.

5) Always write in English. Even if the recruiter you contact might seem from your same country, do not take it for granted. Same approach when you are writing your CV. It could also be the case that the recruiter’s parents or grandparents are from your country, but the recruiter does not speak your language. In other cases, it may be that the recruiter is from your country, but maybe he/she  is on vacation the week when you have applied and your application is seen by another recruiter or Hiring Manager who do not speak your language. Do not miss a chance only for avoiding an (extra) translation effort!

As you have seen above, these are really small things, but they can make a big difference.

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