Advices to the 28yrs old…me…

This post is a bit different from the usual ones because it is focused on myself; before discovering all the details, let’s start with an introduction.

At the beginning of the year there was on LinkedIn an interesting experiment: famous intellectuals or businessmen were writing to the younger…themselves; for example, we read  about CEOs advising themselves at the age of 18, 25 or 30. Specifically there were “conversations” about studies or careers’ choices or simple comments about their behavior during a specific period of their lives; in other words, a sort of conversation in front of a “special” mirror. I am not going to do the same, but I’d like to “steal” the idea. Specifically, I am writing about what and how I’m doing right now and the possible actions or changes to embrace (the assumption is, of course, that we can always improve on several things; but, there are aspects that I think should be my priorities); therefore, I would speak about 4 topics related to my professional development.

Diapositiva1Let’s start with the first advice, looking at the mirror: “You need to improve the understanding and evaluation of your goals”. People close to me know that I have the habit to listen to the goals that are assigned and make that as mine as possible (they also know how big is my will to achieve them). The thing is that I do not want only to achieve them, but significantly exceeding them. This attitude clearly boosts my motivation, but I need to remember that these “extra goals” are not my real goals. Let’s say that I should consider them as optional ones; most of the times, it is inconceivable to me and it could lead to frustration; therefore, I should be able to appreciate more the effort even if I have not fully achieved the “extra” goals.

Secondly, “Continue keeping in mind your career mission and frame the real value of the short and long term goals related to your mission”. About this, I think I am very clear about what is my mission; the single most complicated thing is to maintain clear that obstacles which might stop or slower my achievements are not mining the importance of my mission. A mistake or a simple misunderstanding with someone close to you cannot change (or lower) the value of the long term mission. It is similar to the fact that companies have a mission to drive their goals and we should have that too.

Then, “keep observing, imitating and copying actions or the approach of someone who is doing better then you”. In other words, I have to continue to steal as many secrets I can from someone who is doing better than me; feeling good comparing yourself with someone who is doing worse, it is only a pointless recognition and satisfaction (and luckily I am very aware of that). There are 2 difficult things about this: remaining yourself and do not be frustrated if in the short term you won’t achieve the same result of the person you are “copying”.

Finally, “save time to clear your mind”. I do not mean that I need to waste my time looking at the ceiling (even if sometimes might help and it is an easy solution); I need to take the right amount of time thinking about myself. Let’s say that we need the time to stop and then re-evaluate what is the status of our career (for example thinking about these 4 topics). Also, this time it’s also the right way to give you the opportunity to celebrate successes.

That’s about me – Do you think  that they may also be helpful for you?


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