Are you a brand ambassador? And recruiters?

We often read blogs’ posts and articles that have branding as main focus. No, I’m not referring to employer branding but to the what so called “personal branding”. In short, personal branding is the process where a person is represented and represents a brand (in some cases you’d be officially called “brand ambassador”). The relationship between employees and brands has expanded its meaning and consequently its responsibilities. Your “personal branding shadow” (thanks to the presence of social media) it is not just confined to your personal network; actually, it could resonate louder and going beyond geographical boundaries.

Do you remember the time when someone explained you how to write a CV and what to include into the personal interest section? Here we are with the power of social media. Being a “brand ambassador” leads to give great importance to your hobbies and what you do in your spare time. The combination of your work, your social life and your hobbies creates your personal branding image. Some people have grown so much the personal part (personal interests) that have created their own job; think about the travel or fashion blogger (Youtubers situation is slightly different, but the result is very similar).

Now, what about recruiters? What about the brand ambassadors (at least, but not only) of the recruiting process? Thanks to Linkedin, we are all brand ambassadors (not only the recruiters) or at least we contribute to it. The boundary between personal and work life regarding the usage of social media is thinner for recruiters than other people. But is it only about employer and personal branding? I think that in the long run the scenario will be a bit different. Recruiters have their personal network and they enlarge it following and being followed by people who are interested in the brand they represent or simply the work for. So, when their network is enlarged, they become the perfect bridge between brands and prospects. Simply and (potentially) recruiters could eclipse the work of the placement agency. Again, being the “bridge” is true for everyone because everyone could be the brand ambassador; but for recruiters even more true: if you want to be in contact with a company the simplest way is contacting a recruiter. So, think about if you want, are or would like to be a brand ambassador… your company will be happy for that.

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