Personal and employer branding on social media… how?

Being present on social media is clearly not a new trend for companies and for who want to be a brand ambassador. There are companies or people that are doing better than others, but the common trend is the need of being part of this world full of opportunities. Let’s say that nowadays having a LinkedIn corporate page dramatically increases the opportunities to be followed as employer of choice; it is not only attempt to engage already interested professionals but also improve company’s positioning in the labor market in terms of employer’s awareness and appeal.

Diapositiva1As true for all strategies and action plans, there are companies which launch long-term or short term strategies. Regarding the second case, increasing postings and activities dramatically enhance your online presence (especially if it is the beginning of a social implementation) and which is your awareness. The real difference which defines the success or failure of online strategies it is determined exactly by this; when your first online “boom” is not supported by a constant engagement and a long term strategy, you will see the boom decreasing with time. Professionals who work in social media in advertising know how important is the community management for example; for the fact that we are moving more and more on the idea of ​​personal branding which supports official employer branding strategies, it happens that becoming a brand ambassador implies the improvement and implementation of a long-term strategy. Multiplying posts to being visible on Linkedin or social media it is an example of improving quantity (short term), but just because everyone does it, you must do something different to stand out, unique content and better than others (long term goal). Personalization of the content is just one of the central aspects of success. Another? Creativity

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