Want to be interviewed? Pay attention to contact details!

While the competition in the job market increases, you can get your competitive advantage (or at least competing with same “weapons”) thanks to a better attention to details. As mentioned in another post of this blog, an example of how your chances could be increased or decreased is related to your will (or not) of creating a cover letter .

Diapositiva1You usually present your application through a CV which needs to be written in a clear and detailed manner ; specifically you have not to include only your job titles but also what are/were your responsibilities, tasks and biggest achievements. Till now, there is nothing new: surely you have heard or read these things thousands of times . One detail that is underestimated is related to how you present your contact details;  it often happens that the first contact with a recruiter is done via email or phone  and entering a single contact can lead to impossibility to being contacted. An example? a typo in your email address. So make sure that your email address is correct and please avoid to enter your corporate email …  Why? Imagine that you are presenting something to your boss and you get an email about the job position in another company . Nothing to add more.

What about the phone number? It is clearly true that companies look for their candidates, but obviously if you’re applying for a job it is because you are interested and want to be contacted. As mentioned for the email address, making mistakes can “kill” your application because the recruiter won’t be able to contact you. One of the most classic mistake? Do not specify the prefix of your country and if your number is landline or mobile. It seems a trivial conversation, but trust me that being able to be easily contacted (i.e add even Skype) increases your chance to take the job.

An additional detail in terms of positioning ; I would say to avoid email addresses like crazy82 or champion77  because they are nicknames:  creating an email address with your full name is free.

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