Industrial districts? Not only for 200 years ago!

…and If we’re really return to industrial districts? For those who are not familiar with the topic, the industrial district is a cluster of small and medium-sized companies located in a specific territory characterized by interconnections between themselves and social context where they are built. Industrial district is something that characterized industrial revolution,  but do not you think that might be part of the startups or the big tech world? Does it sound like Silicon Valley for example?


Let me explain why this might seem to be the future.  In recent years there have been various initiatives that move what is the interest of the well-being within the company, going to move more and more to what happens externally. Obviously it is essential to go to improve the internal conditions of your employees:  simply for the fact that they spend most of their time on the farm or in the office; then for the same reason it is necessary, in my opinion, going to move to the outside world are the ones that move (  Organization intrusion?  ). If work life balance agenda is full of topics related to commuting, create lighter careers in terms of presence in the office (simply called flexible hours plan), industrial districts may be the answer. It’s because at the time of the industrial districts, companies also had an impact on such as programs of housing and neighborhood home- office. Designing your own branded – town clearly has costs and must be evaluated in the long term in terms of integration with the territory and daily life; it definitely could have a positive impact on corporate social responsibility and sustainability.

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