Job training should not be considered as going to the gym!

Job performances and goal achievement are among most discussed and analyzed subjects when it comes time to speak about work; in highly competitive environments it is crucial improving individual’s productivity and efficacy. There are several instruments aiming to support employees (such as training, coaching or performance improvements plans) which allow companies to work on performances; it is clear that if you have really tailored programs your ROI will be higher than having standardized ones. In any case, programs aim to work on daily tasks’ management and how everyday performance has impacts in the long run. However, these programs (not in all companies) are treated as they were “bootcamps” to achieve optimal levels of performance; in other words, internal or external programs are associated to athletes ‘ training (i.e. preparation for a marathon). But working on job performances is not similar to go to the gym! 

Diapositiva1In fact sports’ training is step by step preparation for a final goal, a finish line;  on the contrary, job supportive programs are run while employees are working on daily targets that need anyway to be achieved.  Additionally there is not judgement suspension on the job… something that happens during sport training.  It is definitely true that also for the marathon’s preparation you evaluate progresses, but your daily training performance evaluation doesn’t not impact the real visible result: the finish line; at work, every day you have one or more finish lines.  Shortly, between job and sport there is a different evaluation’s timeframe that sometimes is not considered.  I’m not writing something special , but is it your manager aware of that? 

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