Find your routine! Do not copy others’!

As written in many posts, my blog has been created with the simple aim of proposing topics and insights about careers’ management, self evaluation and  goals’ setting ; it is a simple guide of advices helping you thinking about these topics, accompanied by assessment of organizational environment and how individuals should consider and being considered in that. Writing recommendations and insights leads to often read articles, other bloggers’ or postings about career management. Taking the assumption that I usually hate trends and kind of proclamations that sound more as advertising than useful and practical advices,  I often get upset while reading such statements.

Diapositiva1Recently, one of topic which is becoming “the trend” is how setting up a specific routine; “the routine of successful people”  that will definitely help improving your career and skillsSpoiler : I’m very favorable of establishing routine (I’ve one! ) ; but many tips sound definitely dogmatic. Let’s say that you often read about magic formulas and rules that “surely work!”. In my opinion, the problem sits exactly here: many times statements are generalizations. This kind of recipes forget the fact that we are different , at different careers’ stages and in different companies (they also wrote general formulas to attract a bigger audience.. and here we are with advertisement as said before).

You always have to take and make a personal version of what you read; it ‘s true that I also try to build advice as universal as possible, but always specifying because that details make the difference. One of the example of recent routine that I found it is when people write about waking up really early to study or start your day. But if your mind is more productive during night, it does not mean that you cannot create your routine. For example, if you study during night and then go to sleep,  cognitive studies show that you’ll remember better what studied than what you’ve studied in the morning

Up to you selecting what it is right for you.

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