Looking for success or chasing your passion?

When we ask ourselves the purpose of our work we indirectly connect our job activities with our passions trying to check this possible link. Let’s say that finding an intersection between our job and our dreams drives satisfaction; this positive emotion impacts on our life’s evaluation, because nowadays your job it is fundamental part in our “self” definition (https://hrbreak.com/2013/12/01/your-job-your-status-your-self-evaluation-outcome/ ) 

Diapositiva1One similar idea is the system of dream job, but it’d leave that for the moment  ( https://hrbreak.com/2014/10/11/dream-job-be-focused-on-something-else/)

Follow your passions it is possible only if we achieve our goal; reaching the latter will lead to a better position in a company, a more strategic role or remarking fact that we achieved enough experience to finally follow our passion (i.e. work on a entrepreneurial project); as said many times, achieving is result of hard work and motivation (the latter, internal or external, but it is anyway fundamental)

There are cases when in order to follow our goals, we tend to mix our idea of being recognised and successful with what are really our passions. In short, your desire  of success can replace your passion. So, are you sure that you are following your passions instead of goal achievement?  The border is labile, but maybe sometimes it would be fundamental to understand what is really your goal and what interests you the most.


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