Do you want to improve your career? Think about it (not about others’)

In work environments with an increasing competitive and globalized labor market, we work alongside professionals with different backgrounds and stories. In an interconnected world, having chance of travel internationally, we closely see careers’ evolution of fellow students and former or colleagues; specifically we ‘ve shared experiences, but then we differentiated in terms of career choices widening our professional horizons, even from a geographically point of view (it is also true thinking about current colleagues’ experiences)

Diapositiva1Having chance to look at them, we compare their careers’ choices with ours. There are times when making comparisons allow us being happier, while in other cases this comparison see ourselves as “losers” ; without a doubt, emotional reactions are different and clearly we prefer the first case.  Comparing careers could be an incentive to do better, but depends on how you react to external pressures.  Recently I’m changing bit my perceptions on evaluating career paths, trying to remain on personal side, mine; in short, I do not say that you have to deny success or failure of others, but maybe sometimes we should ignore it saving cognitive energies aiming to be focused on ourselves. Being focused on improving or at least thinking about us rather than being led by envy or temporary joy, it is right strategy. Some say that spending time comparing with others who are doing well will help you to improve (true); on the contrary thinking about who is doing worse than you will bring satisfaction (also true); I am not saying that they are wrong, but we should avoid to spend majority of our time anchoring only on external “points of reference”; we should invest majority of your time looking (better and more often) at ourselves. Take time every day working on this, listening and understanding what YOU are doing well and what YOU are not.

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