Merits vs faults… and something else! (spoiler: not talking about excuses)

Everyone has own goals to be achieved through whole career path or in smaller terms during a single day at work. There are goals that we can easily achieve and others not.

Diapositiva1The main idea that I usually (but wrongly) apply to goals achievement and performance analysis is that they are based only on 2 dimensions: our merits vs our faults.  Don’t you do the same? Actually there is a third dimension that is not always remembered; it is due to events that we cannot control. Let’s make a concrete example: while preparing a presentation based on data provided to me by a colleague, unfortunately I do not recognise errors and I present that as reliable source; the wrong presentation and consequent responsibilities are mine, but is it only/totally my fault? Someone will blame you, for sure; but for the fact that you are the most important and influential judge for yourself, is it right to blame yourself? Do not thinks so. For this reason you have to be able to see this third dimension; keeping this in mind will decrease self-created stress… you have already external pressures, so do not bring you down! We can definitely influence or trying to influence also what is not under our control, but it is not always possible.

Anyway, do not get me wrong; I am not saying that in order to feel better in case of bad performances, we must look for excuses; what I meant is that we have to improve our eye on goals performance analysis and being able to better define boundaries for our responsibilities.  Working hard, learning and will to do are keys (only mine?) to improve… and again, excuses are not considered.

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