Do you trust others’ feedback? think about it!

Evaluating yourself is clearly something that many people do not like and do not do often; a part from that, it is very difficult process because it requires a lot of focus and objectivity. Regarding the latter, it’d be painful being totally honest with ourselves; aiming to avoid an emotional shock we go to protect ourselves being benevolent in judgement. The assessment itself is complicated; when you try to evaluate a daily performance, your judgement can be biased by emotions and by little events happened during the day; when we talk about short and long term goals, situation is not different.

Diapositiva1Usually, a part from our personal evaluation, we have to face others opinions that could confirm or disconfirm our expectations. An outsider’s evaluation is usually more objective, but it is still an opinion that we might decide to listen or not. Being nice, supportive or envious are different wills that drive a person to evaluate another individual; definitely, these thoughts are difficult to eliminate from our mind. So, are we ready to trust others’ opinions? Not always.

Advice to understanding if others’ evaluation is reliable or not? Trying to objectify the conversation as much as possible, anchoring conversation to concrete examples, visualizing that and recollect similar past events; an organized and specific thought definitely helps.

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