Suprise? your boss support is mandatory for your learning!

When it comes to first days in a new job, one of the thing that comes to mind is training.  Different types, in a more or less structured way aiming to attain a goal; technical proficiency, team building or process explanations are probably most common parts of onboarding systems. There are other organizations that instead of going on setting up structured training sessions, they plan their onboarding with training on the job through the support of colleagues. In this post, I’d like to underline an aspect that many times is forgotten; clearly I do not mean that what said before it is not true; but there is something more than that, clearly a common element for structured and unstructured training programs:  your boss’ support . Diapositiva1Your boss has to be considered as partner of the training process, because having effective training is fundamental for yourself in terms of goals achievement but also for your boss’ ones.  That’s why support of your boss is fundamental to translate what you learnt in something specific and concrete. Learning is process that usually is built in protected environments (i.e. lectures, offsite events ), but clearly you have to apply what learnt in real work. Without your boss support it is impossible to apply a learning from errors practice.

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