Learning from a bad boss? it is possible

Having a good and caring boss means having someone focused on what happens during the day, ready to listen, competent and supportive. For many employees, this sounds like a dream.   With respect to the operational aspect of your job, a good boss manages and supports you to achieve your (daily) goals. A leader, at the right time in the right place. Additionally,  if your boss is a subject matter expert, she/he also legitimizes your team’s political and social presence (recognition, merit, exposure) towards your organization. Apart from the technical knowledge, employees look for a boss with an eye on personal development, training and ready to support (and protect) the team.


But if your boss has nothing of what just described?  Probably, the relationship with your boss is not based on trust and mutual appreciation.  In these cases, what can you learn from your boss? Many could say : nothing. In my opinion, you learn something:  you see exactly what you do not want to become/be; in other words, a bad example could be a good example for your self improvement/development drive!

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