Being ambitious can be a threat!

It is often said that ambition is the aspect that definitely boosts a career and maintain alive career’s expectations. Some say that ambition is element that prevents you stopping internal will and drive. Often the definition of “ambitious” goes against the one of being lazy; well, being in lazy at work , its causes and effects I’ll be maybe discussed in another post.  For me being ambitious means having the natural urge to improve and looking for more.

Diapositiva1Saying that, it is not always positive being ambitious; it depends on case by case. For example, if there is no room in your organization for your professional growth, your ambition (as natural urge to want more and more) is inevitably stopped; in this case your ambition becomes a plastic hammer to destroy a wall;  definitely an useless tool. Having no space to use your ambition it is clearly accompanied by stress and loading of negative emotions that threatens your skill of career’s expectations management. In short, there is psychological heaviness that certainly does not help you in tasks’ delivery. A part from personal threats, there are also organizational ones. In fact, if there is no proper career management which listens to skills and internal drives, there will be surely a talents’ retention issue.   Therefore organizations should be good not only to set short term expectations regarding goals that need to be achieved, but also clarify those who are long-term ones that are linked with ambition. Being ambitious is a push, but you have to know how to manage it and living in an organizational environment able to support it.

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