Are you sure that you want to write a cover letter for your application?

For those who are not familiar with HR matters, recruitment processes or human resources subjects are seen as mysterious and complicated topics; it is common thought that there is always something hidden, very difficult to understand. HR professionals are also seen as untold secrets’ holders!

Diapositiva1One of this mystery is related to the fact if when we apply for a job, a part from the CV, we have to add a cover letter. Many would respond with a “definitely, without any doubts, you have to do it”; and at question “why?”, what do they say? The answer comes from the idea that you can introduce yourself to a company in a personal manner, demonstrating motivation and will to join them (assumption more than true).  A part from that, in my opinion, preparing an interesting, well written, concise cover letter is quite complicated. As just said, your presentation has to be reliable but concise; in 10 lines is not exactly easy. In addition to this, the cover letter should be an added value to the curriculum and not a summary of that. Repeating many times helps, but in this case it is superfluous. It’s not over; it is important to underline that we need to be original to making a good impression and stand out from the crowd. A curriculum created with a personal style could easily replace a cover letter. The contact with a company is an opportunity and for this we must try to catch attention in the best way, without doing something “classic”. Now, are you sure to write a cover letter?

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