You can be replaced! but how?

It is often said that no one is indispensable in organizations; actually it’s very true, in theory. Why in theory? It is clear that we are all replaceable for example when there is a succession plan or we decide to leave and organizations go to market to fill the vacancy. Looking for a person with the same seniority that potentially has held a similar position, it takes time but it certainly is possible. As I said there is no doubt that with a strong plan of organizational management, all unexpected or planned vacancy are planned. Everything is possible if supported by excellent organizational processes.

Diapositiva1With the assumption that everyone can be replaced, but how is high risk of not matching replacement? The idea seems trivial, but since we are very different and have different career paths created in different organizations that are not the same, of course, there are considerable differences. Vacancy is replaced but not replicated; that is what actually happens. For this reason, organizations have to think about this aspect, since it is core to consider not only the skills set of replacement but aspects like personality, attitude and character and work ethic that are many times forgotten. Recruiting for skills, it is only a short term strategy.

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