Please celebrate successes to improve organizations’ culture!

It often happens in many organizations that, as in real life, negative events are emphasized more than the positive ones. One of reason is that human being usually finds more interesting debating about failures, obviously not personal ones, than speaking about successes; keep in mind the defensive attitude of human being, where if something could improve our status, we tend to exploit it even if it is against someone else. This is instinct, in mature organizations (mature in organizational culture terms), does not exist or at least is limited by positive cultural pressure; but at the contrary, avoiding positive thinking and collaboration trying to emerge above others, it is the classic status of organizations’ bad cultures (actually poor you if you live in situation like this). It is also true that our mind usually remember more negative events than positive ones; clearly it is a strong cognitive bias that corrupts organizations culture.

Diapositiva1But now think about the other way round; if you ‘d have a success, don’t you prefer being celebrated? It is actually a process of empowerment that gets people stronger; negative feelings could be overcome. Obviously it is something that needs to shared and agreed that increases collaboration and decreases stress and jealousy. So is it better to celebrate successes or thinking about jealousy? It may seem trivial, but environment that rewards merit and celebrates can only be a positive working environment.

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