Are you ready for a job interview?

The question is definitely one of most famous and debated.  Contact established between candidates and organizations (mainly represented by recruiters), even if it is very short, is always seen as something of a mystery where success during an interview depends on some hidden and dark power.  In short, probably Harry Potter, despite not being qualified, it could certainly have more chances than a qualified person during interviews. Seriously, it’s your impact what helps to make a difference, nothing else; your resume has been reviewed, so do not bet only technical skills.
Diapositiva1One area that could help to better “connect” with a recruiter is being informed  about company. I know it may seem something really trivial, but being unaware or having knowledge from hearsay, does not help you at all (especially the second). It ‘s normal not having complete information about a company or of the aspects that create everyday life, but at least it’d be great being informed. Therefore companies do not expect a detailed knowledge, because as it should be, organizations do not disclosure all pieces of information, as in example their processes.  It must be said that it is true that when there is a desire to change company  being in a rush does not help to be adequately prepared for interviews; obviously sending huge number of CVs more than being focused on a single company ensures you more chances to be contacted;  then you have to exploit your opportunity during interviews. Essentially during interviews being informed and consequently showing care about company with whom you are speaking is essential. From that said, being informed and interested do not ensure success of any interview, but definitely increases the chances to get in touch in a better way to whom you are speaking with.

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