Empowering people? Trust is the key!

We often talk about what really leads to potential’s development; classic referrals are to job opportunities that we meet, our career paths and then even to investments that companies do for individuals’ career growth. Surely these aspects are core because, for example, without opportunities is not possible to continue personal development,  remaining stuck in todays’ tasks. But is it actually enough? I think we should analyse better asking ourselves what are elements that drive development of our potential, what actives and enables us to achieve and being successful with new opportunity.

Diapositiva1There are mentorship programs or simply boss or colleagues that can push growth of a person with their professional advices; it often happens, with more or less sophistication; but what is the secret of making that “coaching” effective? It is nothing secret or complicated. Nothing beyond imagination or that falls for millennial studies. As in everyday life, trust is one of the most important elements that helps and allows us to be ourselves and aiming to have greater awareness and confidence. Confidence that activates knowledge, desire to do and going beyond what are our limits. Trust of your environment gives opportunity to understand mistakes, give them sense and then learning… not being punished.

You will not find this kind of environment anywhere, but if you find it you will see that you will improve much faster. This does not mean that you have to sit without taking risks or avoiding your responsibilities

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