Dust on shoulders? that’s why people embrace new challenges

It is often discussed what is inner sense of changing career path or decide to quit to go abroad. Apparently, in countries where economy is flourishing and allow creation of a coherent career path (for example for what you studied at university), it is possible to say that there is no need; well, partly true… if you do not have desire for discovery and innovation ; anyway another question arises, if you do not have an economic need, where does the spirit of urgency to go abroad come from?

Diapositiva1Main idea is improving personal opportunities, not only for economic matter. The chance is for example building a wider network of connections and being present in a different labor market. Of course you have to be open-minded and have that will to to risk. Looking for new opportunities, being open to change, look for vibrant environment are your ingredients. Regarding young professionals, it is fundamental the search for dynamic environment;  the latter cancels flatness and it is possible to find liveliness and intellectual stimuli. As said many times in this blog, environment  is essential to ensure that a person carries own dreams and look after personal development. Clearly changes lead to instability, even regarding private life, but dynamic environment allows you forget heavy social inheritance. In static environments it is like becoming an old ornament with heavy dust that definitely worsens your mental clarity and concentration. Everyone should have courage of cleaning that dust and embrace a little of insecurity to look for something better. Well, it is also true that it is not for everyone; as not everyone can accept challenges. For those (like me) who faces life as being continuous challenge with will of achievement, it is the exact path.

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