Best wishes? Send applications only for specific roles

Among various Christmas greetings, there is usually hope of having the following year characterized by successes and satisfactions. As often said, our work qualifies and identifies us; therefore, our end of year feedback is definitely linked with our work and maybe with idea of changing it.  Staying away from work, so being cool and detached, allows to reason about what we are doing.

Diapositiva1This post is actually born in this sense: giving a little advice to professionals who are thinking to change job.  Among various actions there is usually idea of  growing  professional network; thus Linkedin is your place but it is not enough because it pays for long run. Traditional practice remains sending high number of applications through companies or career website.  The idea behind is that many more you send, more chances you will have to be selected. This is certainly true in the sense that if you knock many doors, you’ll find someone who will open…one day. Anyway statistics help until a point.  Actually it is not important how many CVs are you sending; I often hear  “I sent 40 CVs, but I did not hear from them”; are you really sure that for the 40 you’re qualified?  Please apply only for those positions that you match job requirements. Making tries, does not lead to any result in the short term. Surely I am person who always encourage to try, but with awareness. Applying also to roles which you are qualified, surely helps to decreases frustration due to several “not hired”.

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