New year resolution? Being able to contradict your boss !

First day of the year is the proper stage for presentation of new goals for which we are convinced to commit ourselves aiming to reach and achieve them. As recently mentioned, this happens even talking about work (, since fact that our job determines our status within social network and relationships. You’d promise of being more decisive, improving your technical or communication skills or you’d understood that it is time to enlarge your business network.

Diapositiva1My idea it is a bit different. apart from wishing you the best at professional and personal level, my wish for next year is a bit provocative; to be really explicit: my wish is that you succeed to contradict your boss, bringing your ideas forward. Chances that are given to us to interpreting our work are innumerable; there are those who maybe have more chances and those who have less. It depends on your command, control and autonomy of your work. To some extent, however, we are all free and we’d strive to use at best this freedom. Even if we’d have a very authoritarian leader who tries to impose  own rhythms and thoughts, we still have our road. I’m not saying that we should not follow orders, but if there is a chance to do better or improve a process or a decision, we must have the courage to take the best route, even if in contrast to our boss’ idea. Always work for the best, rather than settle.

Here is my wish for 2015. I hope you can really achieve this freedom and professional maturity to follow always the best solution and improvement mindset.

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