Being craftsman? that’s what you need for your work!

When I usually talk about how working tasks are nowadays structured, I usually refer to the fact that we are living a new Tayloristic phase; I mean specifically that often the content of your work becomes a kind of stereo that plays same and repetitive music. It happens that you end up seeing and experiencing your work where your contribution is absolutely absent, due to a strong standardization. Therefore we have to be more creative and interpreting our work in a more personal way, clearly going to achieve required goals.
Diapositiva1In this sense I say that you have to be a kind of craftsman that thanks to meticulous workmanship receives absolutely high personal satisfaction. It ‘s also true that majority of work activities are part of an established process, but also working in this horizon your life has to better. The craftsman works with love because is paid according to what creates and better the quality of the work is better is economic return. Here I think we should learn this kind of attitude looking to this qualitative result; it should not be seen only as an investment for economic reasons; enter into this light also improves the relationship with your work, your mastery and command and linked motivation.

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