Being strict with yourself? It does work

Assuming that what is written in this post cannot be valid and applicable for everyone; said that, I think it can be at least a tip for professional growth. As also seen in other posts, especially for analysis of early stages of your career, you have to invest a lot in what is the growth of the personality and attitude to work. Therefore, I think you have to be very strict evaluating yourself,  trying to avoid any kind of excuses for errors or omissions. Instead of unloading blame over adversities, you have always wondering if there was something that was in your power that you could do to improve or prevent that given situation.

Diapositiva1During “training phase” of your professionalism is just easy to fall into those, as well for complimenting yourself for what you done; shortly, during early stages of career you are more extreme in reactions and emotions processing. Being very critical does not mean being stupidly catastrophic and perhaps always ready to blame yourself; being critical means striving to better understand yourself, your strength and weaknesses.  Then being intransigent does raise the bar of your settled goals and improvements;  clearly does not mean being just destructive; if there are successes, we must clearly appreciate and take home this positive emotional component. The stiffness in your judgment improves also skill of working on your attitudes. Trust me that take this way allows also an evaluation of your potential; essentially allows us to understand in what we are strong and where we are not; then, this attitude works hard on self-efficacy and self-assessment that helps also in advanced stages of career.

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