You need to believe in what you are doing to accomplish your goals

Surely this is not the first article on the topic that you have read and will read, just if you often put an eye on my blog. Motivation, work approach and attitudes are widely debated aspects mainly with respect to possible interventions and training to improve job performance. In my opinion it is often forgotten one important aspect: you need to believe in what you are doing to accomplish your goals. In short, be convinced about the mission is fundamental to push yourself through your work day. Being “married” with your cause at work it is a matter of deep engagement that many times is forgotten.

Diapositiva1Believing in what you do, as it happens in real life, is one of the elements that leads to happiness, satisfaction, enables your motivation and drive. Let’s say that in real life we think that when we are not fine with someone or we’re not enjoying what we’re doing, then we stop; so why should not we think at the same way also at work? We should absolutely stop to reason with many formal and facade attitudes on the job and being a little more ourselves; at least regarding our understanding of our “mission and motivation“; at the end this attitude pays on your everyday attitude. Being yourself and getting comfortable with your work aim clearly allows you to better enjoy situations that involve us; essentially this approach allows us to live better. Reasoning about future career paths should just stay in this type of thought.

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