Your mind and your work attitude are not on the same page

One of constant activity of our mind is creating and recreating life events; in short, the basic activity of information storage enables us to recall, show and present data and events at a distance of time or to our needs. A classic and familiar example is given by memories that are stored, built and rebuilt. I would focus precisely on the latter, as our memory often attributes elements and activities that perhaps never happened, simply give coherence to itself. This not only involves our memories, but also the image of ourselves; in fact, our image is revived outwards with  a reconstruction, more or less true . In other words our mind leads us to attribute and represent ourselves in certain ways, depending on the situation, which is precisely not, as said, the reality. Going on concrete examples, attribution and positive assessment of behavior depends on simple elements/events as how we are dressed or with a simple handshake. Of course, as usual, our mind tries to attribute to us positive aspects in order to give relief.

Diapositiva1In essence, as said many times, we are looking for a situation of comfort and our mind helps us with this (unfortunately this also happens in total opposite situation, when you enter a process of attributing negative elements, our mind satisfy us). Same process is activated when we think or we are called to define attributes of our work, our tasks and our attitudes. Often risk is that the stronger we go in attributing activities or characteristics that maybe we go more wrong. The mechanism is quite perverse, because it often leads to exaggerating and “mythologizing” of what we can do; then if this process is not checked or limited, it  leads to a real job detachment from reality that you are experiencing. We say that sometimes we should be able to postpone our own judgment on ourselves, trying to deliver mental processes  and the specification (also on paper) to better understand the coherence or the too consistency of our reasoning.

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