First person to listen? yourself!

It is often said that everyone has to know how to listen; why? it is fundamental to understand better what pieces of information are core aiming to get hints to interpret external environment. This clearly helps to make everything simpler and  schematic. Regarding our jobs, having more information helps to simplify our tasks.  Organizations try to help further creating programs that allow to improve our listening skills and focus. Among various initiatives there are : mentoring, coaching and  training that will certainly help to improve our skills in terms of  information’s collection.

Diapositiva1A part from the fact that all just said is definitely true, it is better to specify that without the ability to listen we have less chances to learn, correct and improve. It is also true that it is not always possible to understand something from others or from our environment; therefore, the only resource available is just ourselves. Actually I think that we are the first resource and our real power. In essence first person you have to listen is yourself; why? you should understand yourself, aiming to get a clearer view of how/what energy, time and resources’ investment you need to do and in which moment; changing jobs, career, organizations, work attitudes are only examples of what this sensemaking activity can provide you.
It is clearly not easy, but it is a starting point if you want to improve, do smart moves and finally analysing what are your capabilities, limitations and possibilities; it  does help you to not being too critical and setting real expectations.

One comment

  1. federico · November 18, 2014

    right as rain, Luca! and this is also one of the first thing a coach must learn to play the role consistently. It is all about self-awareness!

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