Changing? It is not same for everyone

You always hear about change and how changing and being adaptable are core elements for having a successful professional career. Totally agree, in the sense that it is essential to seek your own path that can lead clearly to change. The question is exactly what I have just said, so the fact that your goal is not necessarily same of another person.  Therefore saying that change is always good, it is not a good advice. For example, classic change is the company one; changing companies very often leads to get faster good compensation status; I do not think that having a successful career means only having a good compensation, because for example it has been seen as lack of engagement. After a while you won’t be able to change company so often.  Another aspect is that good economic status does not equal to get remarkable managerial skills. Ability to understand the environment and business system enriches you more than changing often environment; clearly remaining for a limited period in a company, it doesn’t  allows you to grab this quality.

Diapositiva1Then, changing is good, but you have to understand when it is possible to change and when changes arrives in right time; this is maybe a very difficult aspect, because most of the times is also matter of luck.  Another aspect related to will to change is that you do not like your boss (and maybe it is reciprocal) or there is not harmony in your team. As mentioned several times in this blog, your boss is clearly a source of pressure and for your career a brake or a push. One of the disadvantages of wanting to change careers especially when a change becomes urgent,  often arises in situations with strong emotional impact mainly related to a negative event; in this emotional confusion, take right decision is not really simple. It is clearly not easy to know when choosing and the real reason for which one to choose. Perhaps in these cases the best thing would be to talk to someone you trust to make a list of pros and cons to change trying to get your thoughts more linear than living in thoughts emotional storm.

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