Screaming to your team…does it help, boss?

Unfortunately, it could be the case that your boss is used to yell to you or one of your team member aiming to point out mistakes, inaccuracies or misunderstandings.  Clearly not a pleasant experience.
But does it really make sense to scream? Without using many words, for me obviously not and I will explain why (and I do not consider only the emotional side).
Diapositiva1Given that organizations should ensure and built mature relationships, screaming clearly helps your boss to increase power distance from him/her and the team; in other words it is power’s show off.  In addition to this instrumental function, your boss surely benefits in terms of lowering stress. Let’s say that especially for those who are in situations where accuracy and engagement have been repeatedly showed , boss’ screams have only that aim. It is normal call to stress importance of mistakes, but also the way you do is important, if you want to invest in human resources; in other words, using louder voice does not improve effectiveness of the message, perhaps only serve to irritate more your team.  Secondly, in organizations with a deteriorated culture, screaming clearly has nothing to do with the content of the work; in those cases intimidation and lack of respect are only results.  I understand the anger, but it can be demonstrated in other ways. So better go and look at what has led to make a mistake (that sometimes has boss’ complicity) and if possible trying to fix it without using all cognitive resources in a fight.  Continuing on this topic, it is fundamental to consider also cognitive resources that usually we invest in our working day. After screaming , your angry-boss’ cognitive resources allow to discharge tension but clearly have decreased level of proactivity as consequence of needed relax; similarly, for “scream victim” it could lead to very extreme reactions characterized by negativity, anger and disengagement that have long- term consequences. At the end  anything good especially from business that should be the first concern for every organizations.

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