Your HR have already conditioned your interviews’ attitude!

We often talk about how to be prepared for interviews and what are tricks to convince a recruiter; in other cases focus is on dress code or what will be interviewer’s style.  Here, let us focus on the latter for which I’m sure you never thought about a detail: your current HR have already conditioned you.

Diapositiva1As mentioned several times, your work environment affects you,  changes you and goes to model some aspects of your attitudes; when a person thinks about Human Resources department, recruiters, administrative and representatives  boundaries of responsibilities are not defined(as marketing and sales where same role, but it is another subject) ; in short, there is often a generalization of style, a part from tasks, by those who are not familiar with HR function. Right here, conditioning develops, because the HR image you have, makes you project the same for professional whom you will speak with, even if they are of another company. It ‘s an unconditional process, a kind of reflection, but the conditioning attitude is in place. Let me explain better; if your work environment that is relaxed and comfortable, there have been already placed changes in your attitudes; for example in a way you are sit during an interviews. Same thing when you work in a harsh environment, this will change your flexibility during a talk. The worst case is what I call the ” welfare HR“, as if you are followed as a family member that HR look after you step by steps. The moment when you have interview you are alone, and the result is that the challenging of a recruiter frightens you. There are those who usually criticize the recruiter who are moody during interviews, but make a sustained conversation is just what a recruiter should do. I say that is like asking a teacher to not ever scold students.
Once again, then, you have to better consider your attitude than the recruiter one, be more focused and better prepared than going to complain .

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