Your boss reputation is yours too!

Diapositiva1This is the classic subject that becomes difficult to accept in the sense that it is the thing that could easily create nightmares. Specifically, usually issue is whether and how your manager is or is not your “sponsor” within your organization; here is not so much the question of how and actually he/she sponsors you; in this case is something involuntary, in fact it is mechanism of how reputation of your manager conditions yours. Again, this is bad to say, but when your manager is negatively considered of course you should expect  natural consequences of this also on yourself. For this reason, once again, it comes into play the question of how moving spontaneously and spontaneously reach positive situations to achieve personal goals (). Think about your boss as the foundation of a building that is your team ; who has to select a building to live, will consider how buildings are built to make his/her choice; if your building is considered with poor foundations, you also pay the consequences. On the contrary, if everything works, you’ll also have all the benefit. Let’s say you live in a sort of cone of light or dark that is projected on you. Clearly, consequences are more severe in cases of your boss is negatively evaluated, because as you know, when things go well your boss is a bit reluctant to share merits; when in fact there is something negative, you know better than me how starts guilty’s hunting. There is, however, a way to survive:  you have to work on relationships and offer an image that is not strictly connected with your boss; then you can play your game.

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