Dream job? Be focused on something else!

You always hear about the famous dream job, the one that makes you feel you did not really work at the end of your day. Well, do not want to hurt you, but it does not exist! .
Diapositiva1First aspect that leads to creation of this utopia is job advertising; many times companies depict also repetitive activities as most wonderful ones than presenting real work. Obviously it is attractive, as marketing claims, but we (as HR) are not selling a product, we have to present 8 hours of everyday life.  Job advertising is first psychological link between company and individuals that have to be based on concrete basis; then, if there is a mismatch between expectations and reality, you will have huge issues. Second aspect is related to the fact that the world speaks about dream job and you are “contaminated” with this idea. Clearly, even the most amazing job contains tasks that are not a proper dream. I’d like to advice to be focused more on other aspects such as quality of work, career opportunities and passions. The mentioned above “psychological link” is the so- called psychological contract, which is the cognitive structure that goes to model relationship between you and the organization; psychological contract modifies work attitudes of a person in short and long run.  In order to avoid any kind of disillusion, environment where a person grows should give awareness about distortion of dream job idea; in other terms academic world, friends and families should suggest to follow passions and dreams more than a dream job. It is fundamental also to underline that even if you follow your passions and dreams your work includes boring or stressful partsLet’s face it and let’s face also sacrifice aspect in cultivating passions more than following something that doesn’t exist. Dreams exist and help to motivate people; but dream job doesn’t exist and does not motivate people. 


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