Even in overwhelming organizations, you decide your destiny!

As already mentioned in other posts my idea and analyses of organizations are based on my organizational psychology studies where individuals are seen as influenced by system, in the short and long run.  Individual is clearly influenced by the system that surrounds it and this will also lead to changes in attitude and behavior.

Diapositiva1Now I won’t contradict me, because I am absolutely convinced of that theories and I would not want to pass message that individuals are passive and observe their destinies without being able to intervene; at the contrary we are center of our will, we can act, we can create our way and we have to struggle to find it and get to it. In other words, your destiny within the organization depends on you. Understanding how to move, take a step back in terms of career and working on your responsibilities and attitudes, it really depends on you. If you understand that you do not have space in actual reality and room to enhance your career, ask to be moved to another team or start looking for another organization; certainly this is something that is on your hands, if your needs are different now, do something. Many people says that if you want to achieve goals, you have to become fundamental and essential for your organization;  I think, as I said in another post http://goo.gl/dlSCnq , you rather get autonomy than the “utopia status” of being essential; no one is indispensable in a broad sense. Going back to yourself, you can be independent and then go on to define your day, your way of being and what you want to become and… you have a weapon: your knowledge. Then, you can daily grow up in a professional way because each working tasks, even the most standardized, can be reinterpreted by you, reaching personal enrichment. You have to give your boss a result, but you can create your process to get there , according to your needs and areas of improvement that you have.
The success or failure is obtained, built or rebuilt by yourself. No one else.

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