Are you really able to evaluate your career?

Personal career assessment is often one of the most stressful aspects for professionals that want to join a successful career.  Usually that process is based on imaging what are the “next steps”, trying to give some sort of career’s predictability; unfortunately (many times) accompanied by huge and continuing frustration. Let’s say that you usually do a cost / benefit analysis.

Your career’s assessment is clearly a process of personal reflection , most often created on comparing your own path with one of others; comparing starting and actual status of a career is a biased approach because we are not really able to make a complete assessment due to not perfect information.  Firstly, you have to go to contextualize the geographical situation; in example the Anglo-Saxon world is characterized by dynamic and young environments where you have better opportunities to develop your career. In Latin contexts situation is different and less empowering, especially in the first five years of his career due to a cultural matter. Continuing on the geographical discourse, we need to see that there are dynamic markets that facilitate careers’ changes due to great workforce mobility and change. Similarly, same thing happens business’ sector and maturity of the industry; for example if we think about Facebook in the beginning, the structure of the start-up accelerated dramatically career paths. Obviously there is also something related to luck and chance, such when a position within the organization gets free due to resignation.
It is not always easy to develop complete reasoning on how it has evolved a career, as said before,  we will never have complete information. Best thing to do ? Avoiding career confrontation and trying to be more focused on what you could do to exploit and grow your career, such as life long learning.

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