Empathy or professionalism to get in touch with a new boss?

I have to start saying that it is not always correct to generalize situations; it more true when analyses, as for my blog, look at areas where environmental components (i.e specific companies or business situations) make everything specific.
Therefore, analyzing the presence and influence of your boss is definitely one of those aspects that falls into this complication. In any case, while trying to give an order to some aspects, best way to evaluate a topic is thinking about its cause; in the case of the how relationship with your boss is engaged, I think may be two types:
The boss chooses you
The boss finds you in team he/she will guide.
Diapositiva1It happens, but not so often, that you are able to choose your boss; clearly in those cases, unless you’re a masochist, relationship is already a positive one.
Starting with the case when your boss has chosen you; in this case clearly he/she likes you, but as we will see later on there is huge difference in being appreciated for your personality or professionalism. In opposite case, so when your boss has found you in his/her team, only thing to do is trying to earn trust from day 1. I always say that organizations are political contexts, but this does not mean that merit and your actions do not allow you to improve or “gain positions”. A first way to improve or set a correct relationship with your boss who does not know you, it is focusing on the professional component aiming to demonstrate your skills and to completing tasks in a reliable manner; anyway, a proper performance does not allow you to be fully appreciated and then you need to conquer trust also from the emotional point of view. The reason is that you can be recognized professionally but relationship with your boss makes your day . In essence, the professionalism and reliability allows you to be surely appreciated externally, but  you need to be legitimized also from the inside of your team. Then, being successful, appreciated and recognized can be seen by your boss as a way to override his/her authority; for this reason you should always try to “feed” recognition outside of your team, but doing it with extreme caution just to not offend sensibilities of a boss who does not know you yet. In the case you bid on empathy, this will bring you more quickly to get into good graces of your boss, putting you in a favorable situation especially in cases when you are learning a new task/job because you will be justified for your mistakes. This is due to framing effect, cognitive mechanism that allows  creation of a frame for your relationship, which, however, has limited duration that must be supplied with the professional ability; it is definitely core to get ” he/she-is-reliable”- status to easily conquer space and recognition in your organization . Observing behaviors (http://goo.gl/rQ4jsL) (i.e your colleagues) might be the solution ; but please do not forget to take advantage of your skills, abilities and emotional intelligence.

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