Culture of curiosity is what your organization needs!

I have often wrote about how organization’s culture affects behaviors, both positively and negatively; specifically environments and situations guide our choices that are processed by our cognitive system.
Therefore, organizations should create a kind of experience that activates specific energy, the energy of curiosity. What do I mean?  Do you know the feeling of insecurity due to lack of knowledge and discovery’s will typical of a trip? During a trip what usually happens is that you devote cognitive energies to enable and satisfy your curiosity. So, developing a culture of  curiosity should be a priority of organizations that need to stimulate discovery for new, meeting people and in general get in contact with whole environment. That energy surely increases creativity, collaboration and entrepreneurship.

Diapositiva1As just mentioned, situations of aggregation should be guaranteed; this is even more true in todays organizations  that are increasingly interconnected, even at a distance. On the latter point, there are those who might think that  being remote workers decreases chances of collaboration; this is partly true as there are clear lacks of non-verbal messages; for this reason going to stimulate exchanges and proximity, even at a distance, should be a function of human resource management guaranteeing culture of curiosity. In other words, you should promote this path of daily travel within organization. It will look like one of the more simple things to do, but I do not think that happens in all work environments that mainly try to develop interdependence and exchanges only on work related subject with limited space for curiosity.

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