Why is so important being trainee while studying

The effectiveness of completing a traineeship is often debated, especially in Italy (country where I live and I’ve mainly studied) where traineeship’s purpose has been distorted sometimes. I am not here to give advices on how revolutionize it in regulatory terms, even if I’d have couple of ideas; I’ll be more focused on what should be educational sense of doing a traineeship.
Traineeship structure is always being based on technical training , so based on competencies that a person needs to improve and acquire;  I have a quite different vision, probably due to my studies of work psychology.  Actually, more than going to be focused exclusively on competencies’ assessment , you have to look at social skills as empathy and adaptability; in other words, there is always time to technically learn, but not to behave and acquire a positive work attitude (perhaps for the latter aspect, more than my psychological studies, American business reading created this point of view). If what I just said it is true for professionals, it becomes critic for undergraduates.
Diapositiva1Therefore, the traineeship should be mandatory for college students aiming to help them  understanding business realities with a focus on behavioral and professional personality components. I am not saying that during traineeship the technical skills have not to be trained, but that need to be placed as second aim. Let’s say it’s like when a child before running or cycling has to learn how to walk. Thus, I see traineeship as a mandatory step to understand how to act in a professional way. Obviously it depends critically on tutor’s attitude, but there organization has to be strong in deciding who can and who cannot be an example for a trainee. The risk of not joining a traineeship path is being caught in disillusion and be burned by work environment at first work experience. Then, tutors have to work on the psychological mechanism of framing effect, bringing young professionals to that level of awareness.

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