Are you a good observer? discover why it is important

Diapositiva1As mentioned several times in this blog, it often happens that HR world is pervaded, for a short period of time, by trends that also characterize literature; a couple of that are for example listening and communications skills which periodically are presented as revelation for those who want to be great professionals. I’m not saying that they are not, but sometimes there is too much focus on that.
There’s who goes to underline how important listening is in order to understand interlocutors, getting more information , learning and being a good salesman for example.  These are clearly only a few examples to which we can add that for being a good manager you have to listen to your directs.  On the other hand, there are those who stress how important is being able to communicate effectively; it is useful for example in getting people attention, influencing opinions and being able to present something in an attractive way.

As said before, I do not mean that these skills are not important, but there is another element a bit underestimated: observation skills. In organizations, which are clearly political circles where it is absolutely critical to know how to act, observation is way to get sufficient information to correctly behave.  In essence, observing allows you to adapt your behavior to what is the business reality and then reaching specific goals. Looking at organizations’ culture in terms of work attitude and networking, it helps you creating an experiential knowledge that will help you reacting correctly to each stimuli. Let’s say, in Cartesian mindset, continuous observation allows you to record experiences that can be replicated. This aspect also helps your technical learning, but it has a stronger influence on your business behavior.

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