Costs and benefits of “show off” at work

Organizations are made ​​by people who mirror their attitudes into work environment; managers who still think that organizations are able to standardize attitudes through series of processes and “squashing” personalities, are clearly wrong; then if you are HR person and you think that, well maybe it is time to change job.

Diapositiva1As it happens in outside-job life, sometimes you behave and “get” attitudes that do not really belong to you. It is not necessarily a matter of showing “superpowers” or trying to get something at any costs, but it is safer way to protect ourselves. In addition to our cognitive resources’ saving initiatives, it is always positive getting recognition and positive feedback by others; at the end of these two aspects are those that also allow you to reduce daily stress.
For this reason, we do some actions just to prove our strength and presence within our organization. Let’s say for example that may be the case that you want to show your merits or being a “star” of a meeting in front of your boss;  in this sense, you want a “one man show”.  A part from cognitive mechanisms, there is obviously a negative counterpart ; if your successes are not recognized due to your extreme exuberance, this situation can lead to severe disappointments without having any advantage. Let’s say that organizations’ mission has not to suppress the show off because it would still be a way to stifle something natural; organizations have to try to limit these behaviors or at least pointing out that there will be negative consequences on personal and business side; at the end HR role is just that: giving advices for directing behaviors and work attitudes. Then, who thinks that HR role is a mere mix of operational tasks, it is obviously wrong (well, at least due to my vision of HR).

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