A piece of paper helps self evaluation!

One of the topics that has always fascinated me the most during my work psychology studies is definitely self evaluation. Maybe you can also see in the blog that many of my posts are related to this topic (http://goo.gl/oRho5E ). This interest is related to the fact that is very difficult to establish standardized guidelines for personal assessment ; each one of us is different from others, and self evaluation  is surely biased and  defined by characters, attitudes, environments and moments. Therefore it is definitely not easy to investigate whether you are doing well or poorly at work, because you have to be able to evaluate yourself in a really honest way. Psychological biases are very strong when we are judging others; then, imagine what psychological energies’ investment is needed to evaluate yourself.

Diapositiva1In order to objectify our thoughts we have, in my opinion, make them more “tangible” and visible, giving us chance to go back over. That’s fundamental because while we are thinking we fails in thoughts’ actualization  and we are not able to establish a sort of logical sense. Our mind builds, rebuilds and constantly modifies our thoughts; often these changes are made in a defensive manner trying to give a better look at what we do or have done; in short, thinking about your day and make judgements it is not definitely a reliable practice.
For this reason you have write down your thoughts; it can be done through a piece of paper or typewriting, it does not matter; only important thing is that your thoughts are statically posted somewhere, enabling you to make sense of that.  Then, you have not to write “poems” allowing your mind to be pervasive; you need simply to write down 3 successes and 3 threats of your workday. 6 aspects of your day, please job related,  avoiding excuses or justifications. At that point, with stable and static thoughts, you could discuss the how and why something happened. Then you are ready to have also a confrontation with someone else.

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