Maintaining your work pace attitude even on holidays? Read how

This post is probably one of the most personal of this blog because it concerns an aspect of my professional life, borrowed since my college’s experience.
More than being referred to a work experience, I would suggest this kind of little trick that goes along with my work approach. There will be maybe readers that could think that it is not a trick but a normal workaholic approach; more than that, I think that could work for many. I would define it essentially a matter of maintaining an aggressive and costant approach in dealing with experiences with a high level of pace.
The approach consists in dedicating time (1 or 2 hours), even while traveling or during holidays, to stimulating your mind with work’s subject related thoughts/readings. Let’s say that this blog has been created also a bit to keep this aspect alive. Clearly when you spend two hours with that mindset even during weekends, this definitely allows you to think with a “calm and relaxed” mind to what has happened during your work week, to what are your next tasks and what you can propose as innovative approach/ideas. For example I usually read books, articles and watch videos that can be maintain high my attention to job related matters. Also just browsing educational catalogues of important universities, it helps to maintain fresh your mind.
Diapositiva1The first year that I realized the possibilities of this positive behavior was at university; specifically at the end of the first exams’ term I had a terrible headache because of the consequent discharge of tension. Definitely not a pleasant feeling; then, in following weeks when I started again classes at the university my approach was not really effective; it was not easy because after the break picking up again my pace was not easy. From that moment, I experimented that trick.
If you are not convinced, let’s try once and let me now.

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