Improving meetings’ efficiency? Yes, it is possible

It often happens to be placed in meetings where you know that discussion is going to be useless. Additionally, you mostly feel that a meeting interrupts your normal workflow, stopping your operational work pace. Let’s say that it is normal to be placed in meetings, but usually that are perceived as a huge waste of time. But, what is one of the main reason why meetings are perceived as a waste of time? It depends on structure of meeting itself. Specifically, we sit in a room looking to presentations or speeches characterized by one way discussion without any kind interaction; in other words, there is not an open, reflective and real discussion.

Diapositiva1Being in a meeting often seems like to  stand as at guided tours in a museum, where you look around and only few times you are involved in a two ways conversation. Thus, question arises easily: is it due by incompetence? Clearly not, but there is surely lack of preparation. In other words, people are not prepared to join meetings because they have not idea of what is going to be discussed.In this way quality of conversation is really poor. What you find here below are not secrets or so innovative advices, but with that tips surely efficiency will be improved. So, here below you find what you can do:

– include in meeting’s appointment a detailed agenda and requested future actions

send materials of presentation that need to be discussed 

-at end of meeting, discuss new agenda, futures plan and actions’ owners.

I know, it is really simple but in this way meetings become more interactive from the beginning through a real information sharing. So, good starting point for an effective discussion and not a simple presentation.

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