Do you really know the strategic value of your work?

I talked several times about  content of work and what creates value at work. Mainly today’s jobs are characterized by operational tasks, not so schematic as in Taylorism time but with similarities. In other words, today work it is influenced by several external factors, more than Taylorism;  a part from that, similarly there is huge lack of strategic value awareness. Today’s work tasks are characterized by high intensity that does not mean always high productivity; several times it means loss of work overview due to fragmented tasks. Only if organizations are good at communicating and spreading strategy’s message related to each “piece of work”, there will be more understanding of strategy and content that gives greater meaning to contributors’ work. Having a clear view and awareness of importance of your job, surely works on self confidence and motivation.


Diapositiva1In addition to what said, it will be possible to see in organizations a sort of “tribalism” between departments that leads to observation of different speed between departments and organizational’s levels.  In order to stop this phenomenon , that is certainly very pervasive and doesn’t help to understand your “value in your organization“, there is a way. Specifically you need to investigate your work importance thinking about personal responsibility and willingness to go beyond set tasks. Consequently, in my opinion, one of the key to understand better your work and also organization’s strategy is being master of your job and seek space and collaboration within organization.  What do organizations do to fight lack of this strategy’s awareness? Unfortunately not much. It is due to the fact that organizations lack to create their own space of sharing ; operational tasks take away energies to “process sensemaking”  about content of work and contributors have not enough space to collaborate. Consequently they are not aware of where their support go and how much is appreciated.


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