Work on group’s behavior to change contributor attitude

As already mentioned in previous article  ( ) within organizations negative behaviors are always stigmatized in very different forms. I will not go into details of what is correct and what should not be, but we have certainly to highlight how “guilty hunting” has never led to anything (mistake is already done). It will be a deformation due to my interpretation of how it should work (it sounds too much like grandmother’s advice) but I think it’s better to go to prevent certain behaviors and such problems rather than getting hard on individuals.
Diapositiva1It is certainly true that individuals, in organizations as well as in real life, are responsible for their destinies, but very often fault is due to the system and organization rather than in individual characteristics. For this reason I am of the idea that if individual is directed and guided by a positive environment, his/her goals will be achieved. Psychologically, the whole thing is due to a conditioning mechanism and group conformity, which leads to a shift from a negative to positive behavior with positive reinforcement. Improvements are often low-paid in organizations , where it is often awarded only full success as the error is strongly remarked. As mentioned before, to anticipate and change behaviors of individuals, you have to work on group’s behavior; then you will see how group will reward or not individual according to changes’ status . You will see that desire to belonging and feeling of being part of the same group will undoubtedly overcome “insolence” of individual. A warning though; it is not always true possible to change the situation; but again, anticipating organization needs, will save your organization.

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