Respect of others’ work: organizations need more of that!

Many organizations are looking for the so-called recipe for company’s optimization. In essence they look for ingredients that should create best recipe to get “a perfect system”; smooth daily operations through technology and data power are necessary to overcome obstacles but it is not enough. Clearly this is not easy because obstacles are always around the corner, coming from inside and outside of organization where first case is more predictable than second. There is often something that needs to be paid even in most intelligent organizations.

Diapositiva1Actions and plans of managers and HR are focused on  contributors’ attitudes, who ultimately are responsible for delivery of projects and services. One of key ingredient that you must have in our organization is respect; with respect I mean respect for colleagues, their work and also organization which give you employment. I do not want to be repetitive or being a champion of ethics, but respect is key “mirror” of work commitment and responsibility. Going beyond what just said, I would still refer to one of foundations of civilized life; specifically we all claim to be respected and it is not only a basic concept for todays’ life, it is definitely a cornerstone for organizations. For example, if a process requests a delivery or if you are in a process where interdependence is core, you will see that the only thing that you’d like to see is the fact that a person will be treated as you would want to be treated. If you are busy this time and someone is asking for help and you say “no!”, be aware that next time will be your time to ask for help. It is also true that it is an instrumental idea of respect,  but at work you do not necessarily seek friends , but surely work respect needs to be showed in order to achieve organization’s goal.

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