I know, your organization is ER!

Feeling of urgency in organizations it is very common; unfortunately it shows clear inability to organize and predict multiple scenarios that, as result, create only huge psychological tension. Clearly what I have just said it is not true at all if you work in the ER, but in most cases you don’t wear a white coat.

Diapositiva1Think about how many times you have seen so much alarmism like fire drill ringing.  From now on you have to promise that you will smile and think that if it were this urgency and you were not in the office for any reason, surely no one would not have died. In addition, as mentioned in another post, often you are asked to finish a piece of work within 1 hour and then see it presented about 10 days later; surely, no one was dying and only effect that you have  is not recognition but frustration.

Living organizations with constant anxiety does not help anyone; psychological response to anxiety goes to impoverish cognitive resources that are need to carry out normal job activities. Therefore what is the most natural consequences is having high percentage of teams that make mistakes in a much more pronounced way than those who are lucky enough to be in a different environment; that environment allows  positive conflict and “urgency” management. It should be specified that the “unexpected” is normal to have since organizations are open systems; at the contrary it is important to educate and train managers to have emergency plans;  alarming whole teams it is not a crisis management and totally different from what I just meant.

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